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  1. It seems I rarely go a 1 game anymore where 1 or more people drop out due to de-sync error. Also worth noting to admin not to freaking ban people that lag/de-sync out, that's not fair.
  2. Just played a game and i did NOT put in OS, I let noobs play and this is the BS i am rewarded with, 5v3 and note the stupid skill picks, sorry but without OS I wouldn't bother with paying for admin:
  3. Sorry but 90% of 2.99 Noob ranks ruin the game, either by leaving, afk, taking stupid skills or feeding. I will always 3.2 in the evening, in quieter times I will settle for 3.01 You can always join another game after.
  4. iimbadii above Styla around here? He has banned Dankoburit for a third time now after twice Styla undid the ban. He's a salty loser taking it out on a random guy. Doesn't deserve admin powers, I say strip him of his ban/kick and autostart disable ability.
  5. So everyone knows, iimbadii is abusing his admin powers AGAIN (was previously warned regarding disabling auto start and leaving). He did that again today, luckily I was in the lobby anyway. He also today rage banned a random guy (Dankoburit) and made up lies about why. I was in the same team as them both so witnessed no violation, flame, insult or anything. I reported all this to serb and was told by Danko himself Styla unbanned him. iimbadii then went and banned him again after the boss man undid it. So now imbadii is above the owner? This kid should be stripped of admin, is his 8 euro worth the bad name he gives the server? ****************************************** For clarity, the messages and links i sent: So as I was saying, iimbadii is abusing his admin again, he was warned before about turning autostart off and leaving and did it again, also kicked and banned a guy for no reason whatsoever, said it was insult but that was a lie, I saw no insult. Game with kick/ban of Dankoburit: https://www.ingame.ro/Stats/RecentGames/?do=single&id=213249 Then lobby in the next game where he tried to turn off as and left when he saw you join: https://www.ingame.ro/Stats/RecentGames/?do=single&id=213258 Here is the ban if you agree it should be overturned: https://www.ingame.ro/Stats/Appeal/View/1954/ *************Then the second message sent: Also, I received a message from Dankoburit, he said Styla unbanned him then iimbadii went and banned him again, this kid is abusing his admin powers! Here is him banning again for no reason: https://www.ingame.ro/Stats/Appeal/View/1955/ This is not the kind of admin that should be here, ruins the servers name.
  6. There is bank transfer and revolut option, use one of them:
  7. For me the game just completely closes down for no reason, no commands done, no errors pop up. Sometimes it also disconnects from the server and never reconnects even though my internet connection was fine. It's causing my leaver count to go up ALOT. As I said I am at 11 or so when I've only really left a few games.
  8. I am getting this a lot too.. I now have a leaver account of roughly 11 but i've only actually left like 2 or 3 games.. Often the game just shuts down completely for no reason.
  9. Alright so it's just a bug that can't be found/fixed then? Cheers
  10. Anyone able to help with this problem. Probably 8-10 times alone this month the game crashes with the following error:
  11. in the .cfg file use all lowercase even if you used uppercase to register.
  12. Should be in the warcraft 3 folder, not its own?
  13. I see the issue, your path is slightly wrong, you need the \ on the end or it messes up, change it to: war3path = D:\iCCup Warcraft III\
  14. post your .cfg file but REMOVE your password as you don't want to share that. I think it's a path issue.
  15. click download this file and choose 4.29 version. Install it in your wc3 folder and either copy your old .cfg file over first or set it up again.
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