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    Данная тема создана , для русскоязычных игроков, в связи с большим потоком новых администраторов в том числе через Донат , участились жалобы , а администрация рассматривает в основном жалобы на Английском языке . Прошу присылать сюда все жалобы с пруфами (доказательствами). БОЛЬШАЯ ПРОСЬБА НЕ ФЛУДИТЬ ПИШИТЕ ПО ДЕЛУ , НЕ ЗАСОРЯЙТЕ ТЕМУ.Писать по примеру ниже. 1) Ник администратора. 2)Пунк нарушения согласно правил администратора , ознакомиться с ними можно по ссылке ( 3)Ссылка на игру ( что бы посмотреть журнал и логи). 4)Прикрепляем доказательства (скрин или фото). ЗАЯВКИ ОФОРМЛЕННЫЕ НЕ ПО ОБРАЗЦУ РАССМАТРИВАТЬСЯ НЕ БУДУТ!!! ЗАЯВКИ ОФОРМЛЕННЫЕ ПО ОБРАЗЦУ ,Я БУДУ ПЕРЕВОДИТЬ И НАПРАВЛЯТЬ НЕПОСРЕДСТВЕННО СТУЛЕ (ПОСЛЕ ЧЕГО ОН БУДЕТ ПРИНИМАТЬ РЕШЕНИЕ ПО КАЖДОМУ, ОТДЕЛЬНО ВЗЯТОМУ СЛУЧАЮ). ЕЩЁ РАЗ УБЕДИТЕЛЬНО ПРОШУ НЕ ФЛУДИТЬ В ДАННОЙ ТЕМЕ , ТАК КАК ПРОБЛЕМА ЕСТЬ И ЧИТАТЬ ВСЯКУЮ ЧУШЬ НЕТ ЖЕЛАНИЯ , ЕСЛИ БУДЕТ МНОГО ФЛУДА , ЛИБО ВОДЫ , ТЕМУ УДАЛЮ , ТАК КАК ТРАТИТЬ СВОЁ ВРЕМЯ ВПУСТУЮ НЕ ИМЕЮ НИ МАЛЕЙШЕГО ЖЕЛАНИЯ.
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    Sorry but 90% of 2.99 Noob ranks ruin the game, either by leaving, afk, taking stupid skills or feeding. I will always 3.2 in the evening, in quieter times I will settle for 3.01 You can always join another game after.
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    ask them to do a special bot for you and for all noob ranks to play there....i personal will os 3.2 every time....because i come tired from work and want ro relax few games and i cant do that because always 1 noob rank is ruining all mood and games
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    UPDATE 02.02.2019, see the team diff, point 4. 1. Admin has droped at start? Rmk only if players vote, the admin left in the game does not have to kick the players! 2. I saw many times when game is full and admins don't start the game and they start to kick weak players. Now if lobby is full and you want to play with your friend(s) who aren't in the lobby, you will leave and join with him next game. I say that because are players who wait 5-20 min and they are kicked by admins. So, Lobby full >> Start the game! 3. There are a lot of wrong kick's, so, let's make some clear rules like : When we can kick a player in lobby (or deny). Ok, we can kick downloaders. we can deny/kick a player if he flame last game. When we can kick a player in game:a. when a player is noob and feed: wrong items/skills (this player can be in enemy team too, dont kick noobs only from your team) b. when is antigame - this is a complicated situation(is subjective) but with proof (screen/video) is easy to detect. c. when players is afk (no matter is he writed !ff before) - watch game (not autokick) and hero patrol at fountain, this is a classic antigame.... Note: Only if teams score is like 30-5 for enemies, the player can stay afk without to be banned.(can be kicked) d. If player spam or uses inappropriate language. 4. Admins can swap players , BUT score must be balanced and all players agree: difference is not greater than/or equal to 0.20 0.12 ex: Sentinel 4.00 Scourge 3.88 is wrong! Sentinel 4.00 Scourge 3.89 is ok! 5. Admins/Moderators have the right to !unban only their own bans or AUTOBANS (leavers). Example, admin Serb.Arhangel banned a player for Afk. Only Serb has the right to unban him. The other admins deal with their own bans. 6. Autobans by disconnect checker can't be deleted. Punishments for players: Leaving ( Rage ) = 2 day Flaming/Swearing = 2 days( or more !) Anti-Game = 2 days Items destroyed ( own or teammate)= 7 days.
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