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  1. the rules are simple if you go wher 2 creps spawn you stay ther till min 5 you can change if you ask and they say ok if not stay wher you started to farm ..and talk nice or next time ban from forun ...
  2. and whers abuse ? how i see here you falme...and pick 1 acc and play with most games...
  3. unban plz

    1. serserimayn


      nye ban?? niye yasak ?? haksızlık

  4. why its stange? he folows the bot rule i am ageanst how he do it but its not vs rules thats why i sad punish no....
  5. look if you ask nice to unban i do that but when you say like that +2 days mate
  6. dl gproxy...and ther is a cfg file ther you change all....dl and folow instructions
  7. who can decide on razban appeal on the forum

    1. papa1967



  8. its a restart...of server ...whas some testing ....
  9. mate ingamero is the bot that is the bot not players....maybe whas a restart of server os something
  10. can you tell me who that is ?????and how they throw all out ?
  11. write me names and game links and if they broke rules they get punishmant...no 1 is imune....
  12. Почему ты мне дал бан? Так в тиме 2 фидеоа было по 1\12 счет так ничего. А мне бан, за то, что я не вышел их дальше кормить при пуше мида? Обоснуй пожалуйста.

    1. ]tramp[
    2. G Kay

      G Kay

      you spent 40 min insulting the whole team, 99% the time you play trash yourself. you hid behind refraction. 


  13. there are penalties lose commands kick ...ban and so on ....put print or game link proof and they will get punishment
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