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  1. @AxeYou can't be a moderator with a answer like this...
  2. megumi: 2 days no admin. Next candidates: axe 24 widowmfist 23 For games like this Game name: Imba 253621 - ingame.ro ysocereal 22
  3. There are already a topic about admin rules. Admins rules - Imba discussion - ingame.ro And say so, at more than 25 leaves then 2 days no admin. And we have this situation: http://prntscr.com/vzlav3 Eco and Axe: 2 days admin off. Megumi 24 leaves, he is next.
  4. Command !fgp name are back. Admins can use this command for players who are suspicious of mh and not joined with gproxy. If the players have gproxy and are mh suspect then use command !scan name and sent me a PM to check him.
  5. Речь идет о пользователях, вошедших с https://vk.com/ В скором времени вход под учетной записью ВКонтакте становится невозможным. Зайдите в настройки аккаунта и выберите логин Google http://prntscr.com/uv9rac
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Some admins ask for this and here is the answear: Allows you to read Korean, Chinese, etc. letters without them being replaced by spaces. What to do once you downloaded it: 1: Extract the folder. 2: Put the "Fonts" folder in your Warcraft III folder. 3: Open the folder and Run "s200rocks". Note: Warcraft 3 must not be running during this step or the 4th. 4: If you don't want it anymore, run "I hate s200". This is if you dont wanna swap ingame fonts or if the ingame thing dont work. (remember that this changes fonts too so you might wanna find the mix tha
  7. was a server restart. the bot stop hosting until all games end
  8. Видимо перевод не правильный, прошу админа поправить по английской теме.
  9. Download latest version and use your gproxy.cfg from old version.
  10. He have only one job to do: find secundary accounts and ban. Today i made a new command for more details about clones: !mc name One more is needed, one is not enought
  11. Today I saw an old player, Colt, a good player tring to play with a new account. Limit was increased from 300 to 700. Now, under 700 games and play pro: can be banned.
  12. why you try to join with fake account? New accounts with high skill are auto rejected.
  13. Zavurbec, ysocerall and mariusake92 know 100% what is about, probably more.
  14. Farm rules: Three players for 3 neutral spots = group 1. Two players for 2 neutral spots = group 2. Who come first will take the spot. When a player starts killing a neutral in one group then it is forbidden to kill neutrals in the other group. He must stay in the group where he started killing neutrals to avoid kick/ban. Who try 4+1, must be informed/warned and if not listen the rule, then kick with ban. Rules are available until minute 5 of the map when enemy can join in forest. To not to do: Permanent Focus Fire is not allowed, ban 2 day
  15. styla

    socket error

    daca mai ai problem asta o sa intru remote sa vad ce se intampla.
  16. Hello, The skill is made kills/deaths score. IF skill is less than 2.99 then will be auto fixed to 2.99. Wins and losses matter for the top players. But the skill is monthly, that's mean every new month is reset to 3. If you die less, your skill will be increases.
  17. Both options are ON! now we have less fake accounts and less map hackers (shield ON). But less players...
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