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  1. I checked the logs, they have been playing with mh for at least 3 months (I didn't check anymore, they probably play for long time with MH). When I said they play with MH, I am 100% sure. Ask mamon to give you the hacks, it will enlighten you. Players are checked periodically and this time i found 2 big fish. For better analysis speak with satanic, he can confirm what mamon said about this
  2. They were playing with MH. There was a backdoor, probably open by one of them in the past, when ask me to allow to join with a xxxx.mix file. This is sad because they are regular players, one is admin and ready.mamon is a know as good player and recommended to be an admin... the wolf guarding the sheep. Now I ask the community how to punish them. For the moment, I banned both for 1 year.
  3. That's right Master, nobody can play here with MH without to know about his miserable honour, nomatter is ready.mamon or Gumboldt, both are banned.
  4. Am configurat totul așa cum ar trebui, dar este în regulă să scriu numele în LAN, nu pot înțelege ce vrea el, am încercat deja totul, spune-mi te rog
  5. Version 6


    Warcraft III bypass map file size limit. of 8 MB.
  6. hi?
    you can connect bot to war3.nightbot.ru?

  7. стаил помоги решить проблему с г прокси

    1. Виталик Банчуков

      Виталик Банчуков

      бот дает бан сразу в лобби как ток захожу 

    2. 1kg


      меня бот банит за 2 файла  Mss32.dll ,  ijl15.dll  а без этих двух файлов не запускаеца варик совсем

    3. 1kg


      мне хоть ктот отпишит а?

  8. Where you play warcraft? RGC gaming? Ent? OZ? Tell me and I will try to connect the bot to your community (ofc , with staff permission)
  9. styla

    help me....

    DNS issue: replace in gproxy.cfg: server = ingame.go.ro with: server = ingamer.asuscomm.com
  10. styla

    help me....

    Satanic will write a fix, you can check discord server too, there are writes the fix.
  11. Hello dear administrator, I had a problem logging into the game on another account, because of which I had to create a new account, please delete the old account Salladin00700
    1. salladin007


      please delete this account, I cannot log into this account through gproxy, thanks!
  12. Write to me on Discord, i will find a fix.
  13. I will explain here how !mc this command works: !mc player Now we have 2 situations: 1. If player join with gproxy (ingame.ro) then the result is 100% accurate. The players used or not multi accounts. The result will be printed like : Aliases [by guid]: player player23 2. If player join from iccup then the result is not accurate because is based on IP's. The result will be printed like : Aliases [by IP]: xxxxx yyyyy. Some IPs classes are common and in this case other players (innocents) may be displayed. Example: xxxx and yyyy are two different people with the same IP class. In case 2, this is a general info. The !fgp command works like that: After a player are !fgp player He can join in lobby only with gproxy IF he try to join in time interval 17.00 to 02.00 AM. In the morning all players can join.
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