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  1. hello can i play imba bro? (wehaveahulk) this admin won't let me play! When I enter the game, he kicks (! deny)! in general I got man (wehaveahulk) I started playing imba! Let's be human! let's be honest!

    1. wehaveahulk


      you called me idiot 2 times... why would i let someone play that insults me?

    2. SpeakMeBanzay


      First of all, I didn't call you crazy! secondly you banned me then you removed the ban! Why? then I told him you were crazy! then when I entered the game you gave me (! deny) out of the game! Let's be men!

    3. wehaveahulk


      u broke the rules of farming 2 x 3. i unbanned you because i wanted to ban you properly with a reason as i did so without a reason before.... so next time DONT BREAK RULES!!!!!!!

  2. Hi, styla. the MeGuMi admin is inadequate. After removing the Styla ban, the MeGuMi admin banned me for no reason. Styla please deal with it. He said a lot of insults to me.


  3. Hi, styla. plz unban. the admin MeGuMi gave a ban for nothing. He was killed and banned. Another inadequate. Allows players to be insulted. When I wrote back in his words, he banned. It's a pity that there are such.


  4. Hey there, I have a disturbing new for you. One of the admins (quake333) banned me for the reason that my account was fake (which it bloody wasn't during the game and hasn't been ever since I started playing IMBA) This was not the first time he did it . He also banned me 2 weeks ago just because I was not playing well. But this time, he did it for absolutely no reason at all. I believe that because he was not playing well, he was angry and frustrated, so to take it out on us ( he banned my friend too for no reason at all) He just banned us for no f*cking reason. Our accounts are leo8846 and for_glory.  I kindly ask you to look into this problem and unban us (if possible, remove his admin profile). How long are you going to let these kind of people ruin the integrity of playing IMBA ? Just because he is admin, can he really do anything he wants ? What kind of game is that ? I definitely believe that you restore fairness into this game by monitoring the actions of each and every admin to see if they really live up to their role as admins. If this problems is left ignored, however, then I believe more and more people will simply give up playing IMBA altogether just because you let admins get away with anything and everything. I am speaking these words from my heart and hope that this will serve a wake-up call for the likes of his! I will be looking forward to receiving your answer soon.

    1. Yusupov Nodirbek

      Yusupov Nodirbek

      it's no doubt true

  5. admins kik me no reason 


    1. Yusupov Nodirbek

      Yusupov Nodirbek

      i think yscorel


    2. Yusupov Nodirbek

      Yusupov Nodirbek

      yscorel kik evrybody and deny anyone


  6. why i'm banned no reason and why no notification on banned


  7. ░░█░░░█▀█░█▀▀░█▀█
    /フフ        ム`ヽ
    / ノ)         ) ヽ
    / |  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ノ⌒(ゝ._,ノ
    / ノ⌒7⌒ヽーく  \ /
    丶_ ノ 。   ノ、 。|/
       `ヽ `ー-'_人`ーノ
        丶  ̄ _人'彡ノ

  8. gproxy server is showing my ip to be of pabloescabaro. i think he got auto ban, that is why i'm banned can you unban me. he is from russian, im not russian  

  9. why i'm banned no reason and why no notification on banned


  10. Command !fgp name are back. Admins can use this command for players who are suspicious of mh and not joined with gproxy. If the players have gproxy and are mh suspect then use command !scan name and sent me a PM to check him.
  11. hey styla why don't i play at night manga give me a chance to play at night

  12. Речь идет о пользователях, вошедших с https://vk.com/ В скором времени вход под учетной записью ВКонтакте становится невозможным. Зайдите в настройки аккаунта и выберите логин Google http://prntscr.com/uv9rac
  13. Good evening. I write in a personal account, because I can't complain(due to the fact that the ban is out of the game). admin widowmfist bans every 2 days due to some personal ambitions. Just throws a ban, even in the game can't go. Please help.

  14. zulx

    can you help me restore password i cant join game with ingame

  15. Version 1.0.0


    Some admins ask for this and here is the answear: Allows you to read Korean, Chinese, etc. letters without them being replaced by spaces. What to do once you downloaded it: 1: Extract the folder. 2: Put the "Fonts" folder in your Warcraft III folder. 3: Open the folder and Run "s200rocks". Note: Warcraft 3 must not be running during this step or the 4th. 4: If you don't want it anymore, run "I hate s200". This is if you dont wanna swap ingame fonts or if the ingame thing dont work. (remember that this changes fonts too so you might wanna find the mix tha
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